Time Management Secrets for Busy Authors

Time Management Secrets for Busy Authors

Time Management is crucial for authors running on the path to success.

Time Management is crucial problem in the busy world of ours! But is it really? Think about it.

Can I share a secret with you? When Stephen King was an unknown name, he only had 24 hours a day – just like you. When J. K. Rowling was an unknown name, she only had 24 hours a day – just like you. When F. Scott Fitzgerald, William Faulkner and Salman Rushdie were in the beginning stages of their career, they ALSO had only 24 hours a day – just like you.

So, how in the world did were they able to accomplish so much? Time Management. It’s not about the amount of time you have. Rather, it’s how you prioritize the time you have.

Let’s break it down. We all have 24 hours a day.

  • Let’s deduct 8 hours for our beauty sleep. That leaves us with 16 hours.
  • Let’s deduct 1 hour of getting ready in the morning. That leaves us with 15 hours.
  • Let’s deduct 8 hours of job duties. That leaves us with 7 hours.
  • Let’s deduct 1 hour of commuting time. That leaves us with 6 hours.
  • Let’s also deduct 1 hour of lunch time. That leaves us with 5 hours.
  • Let’s deduct 2 hour of dinner preparation, sit-down family dinner and doing dishes time. That still leaves us with 3 full hours in a day.

Now, instead of sleeping 8 hours if you slept 7 1/2 hours, you would get 30 extra minutes. Instead of taking 2 full hours in the evening for dinner and dishes, take 1 1/2 hours. That’s another 30 minutes which brings us to a total of 3-4 hours of free time for you to write and market your book.

I understand that it’s easy for someone like me to say, “There you go, there’s your 4 extra hours. Use it wisely.” But it’s a whole different matter when life gets in the way. Therefore, it is important that you have pigheaded discipline and determination. Make a commitment to yourself and then stay true to your commitment of spending those 3-4 hours in the evening writing and marketing yourself.

You will have to take care of a few things in order to make sure you actually DO have these 3-4 hours for yourself and not get distracted by unnecessary things like TV, cat videos and text messages.

Here’s three time management strategies:

  1. Identify how you spend your evening hours right now and then question yourself. Are you using them productively?
  2. If you spend those hours cleaning house or doing dishes, can you get someone else in your house to do those chores for you?
  3. If you spend a lot of time preparing meals, can you prepare the meals over the weekend and then freeze them? So, you simply have to warm them up during weeknights.

Time is a precious thing. Invest it rather than spend it. Successful authors understand the secrets of time management and use them to their advantage. Invest your time in your family and your career. Eliminate the distractions that make you “spend” your time. I really hope these tips help you make more time for your writing career. Now, let’s talk about how to use the time to enhance your writing career.

There is nothing called a bestwriting list. There are only bestseller lists. So, as an author you need to balance your time writing and marketing your book.

Below are seven time management ideas to help you.

  1. Use this time to write
  2. Take 30 minutes and connect with your fans on Twitter
  3. Use a platform like Hoot Suite (www.hootsuite.com) or Buffer (www.buffer.com) to schedule your social media posts ahead of  time
  4. Call some local libraries and book some author appearances
  5. Create a book giveaway campaign on Facebook
  6. Craft an email newsletter
  7. Write a prelude to the book and give it away for Free. Make sure you include book-buying links at multiple places within the free document.
  8. Take an hour on Sunday night and create a weekly schedule. For example, the schedule can say, Write on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. Do Marketing on Tuesday and Thursday nights.
  9. Then if possible, break it down further. I suppose you can’t break the writing part further down but you CAN break your marketing part. For example. dedicate your Tuesday night to writing a newsletter and Thursday night to schedule social media posts for the entire week.

Time Management Bonus

Another word for time management is event management. When you manage your events of the day, time management will take care of itself. To help you do that, I have created a PDF that you can download and use to track your daily events. Once you track your daily activities for a week, you will start to see a pattern emerge. This will give you a clearer view of things that are taking time away from you. Eliminate these things or delegate them to someone else.

Click the link below for your free PDF.

Time Management Tracker by Enjoyable Books

So, my question to you now is … do you have any time management secrets? Share them here with your fellow writers.

Hope this helps,

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